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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins with Steven in the Beach House waking up from a Cookie Cat™ alarm. Steven brushes his teeth, washes his face, and cleans his ears. He dips his head into the sink to wash his head further. Amethyst enters the room to encounter Pumpkin.
Amethyst Ooh. Hey there, girl. Yo, Steven! This a bad time?
Steven Of the three things I have to do in the sink now, this is the one I least mind you seeing.
Amethyst Ugh, Peridot is still depressed all up in your B-room?
Steven Yeah. She still hasn't gotten over Lapis leaving and taking the Barn with her into space. I think she just needs a little more time to herself.
Amethyst Nope, that's it, we're getting her out.
Steven Wait, Amethyst!
Steven and Amethyst open the door to the bathroom.
Steven Uh, Peridot?
The bathroom is a mess; there are puddles on the floor (likely to be Peridot's tears). Somber country music plays from Peridot's tablet to accompany the dark and depressive atmosphere of the room, while Peridot herself is lying from the bathtub to the floor. Amethyst walks over while Steven stays at the entrance.
Steven You... feeling any better?
Peridot Uugghhh.
Amethyst turns the music off.
Steven So, what have you been up to?
Peridot [Mumbles]
Steven [Walking over] I, uh, couldn't really hear you there.
Amethyst flips Peridot over to the floor from the bathtub.
Peridot (absolutely haggard) Nothing.
Steven You've been in this bathroom kind of a long time. Maybe you should get some fresh air.
Peridot (decrepit) ...What's the point?
Steven To feel better?
Amethyst Come on, Peridot! I can't stand seeing you like this.
Peridot Like what?
Amethyst Dude, let's just get out of the house. We could go check out my old Kindergarten. We met all those other Amethysts up in space, and they all came out of the same rock as me. I've been meaning to get a look at the old neighborhood now that I've met the neighbors.
Steven That sounds fun. What do you say, Peridot?
Amethyst You can make us feel dumb by telling us all the stuff we don't know!
Peridot I miss that.
Amethyst Great, it's settled!
Amethyst picks up Peridot and carries her out.
Amethyst Let's get out of the bathroom.
Peridot ...Can I bring my music?
Amethyst No.
On a train passing the countryside during the day
Peridot (laying in a fetal position) Ugh. Why exactly are we taking this outdated, clackity ship there? The Prime Kindergarten has a very convenient Warp Pad.
Amethyst Eh, we're taking the scenic route.
Steven Come on, Peridot! Take a look at the beautiful countryside.
Peridot No. Your efforts to entrance me with Earth's beauty are pointless. My sector of countryside was perfect. Now it's somewhere in space. Just let me know when we get there.
At the Prime Kindergarten
Amethyst Good ol' Kindergarten! Just the way I left it! Aw, some things never change. Gah, actually, everything's different now! Man, I-I used to think this place was full of empty holes, but now it's like it's empty with holes which were once full! All those Amethysts I met in space -- they were all here! While I was right there in the ground. But now, I can finally start putting some faces to holes! Hohohoh, let's see... Hup!
Amethyst jumps to various holes.
Amethyst This must've been 8XJ! Ooh! 8XK! 8XL!
Peridot Actually, the order goes from top to bottom. That's 8XJ.
Amethyst Really?
Peridot Yes. Curly hair, right?
Amethyst Yeah! How'd you know?
Peridot You can tell from the iron deposits in the formation there. And that's 8XL down below.
Amethyst Whoa, that's pretty amazing, Dot.
Peridot smiles from the compliment but comes to a gloomy realization.
Peridot This used to make sense to me. I thought life was generated in a Kindergarten. Formless, aimless energy channeled into new, useful Gems. But life doesn't start in a Kindergarten. It ends here. I've gotten used to plants everywhere. Bugs and breeze and sunshine... All of that has been sucked out of this place. It's with the Amethysts that were produced here, and now, this place is nothing but a miserable husk. All of the Amethysts are gone.
Amethyst Hey!
Peridot Oh, all the well-made Amethysts are gone.
Amethyst Yo, not better.
Peridot And nothing will ever grow here again, not even this flower.
They realize a flower, a form of biotic life, exists in the Kindergarten despite Peridot's descriptions.
Amethyst Wait! [Jumps down] Oh! I've never seen anything growing here, and I've been hanging around this joint for 5,000 years. Man, it looks healthy, too.
Steven Wow! That's Earth for you -- always bouncing back.
Peridot I don't know. I'd have to run some tests to see if this is not an anomaly.
Steven You want to try planting stuff here? You know how to farm!
Amethyst Yeah, that could be fun!
Peridot It could be an interesting experiment.
Steven Yeah! Let's re-garden the Kindergarten!
A montage begins. Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot bring some sunflowers and Peridot's tractor. Rocks are moved to make way for the tractor cultivating the soil. They begin to plant the sunflowers and enrich them with fertilizer. Steven and Amethyst blast a flower with water guns but Peridot calls it off. They get the idea to sprinkle the water from above with Amethyst as a helicopter. Amethyst puts a plastic flamingo next to the crop, and the group celebrates.
At the Beach House during the morning
Steven wakes up and gets ready for the day more happily. He takes a shower and finishes, walking out of the room while letting the steam out. Peridot talks to Amethyst.
Peridot They don't need any more water after yesterday, but according to several tutorials I read, the roots should be starting to take hold.
Amethyst Oh, yeah?
Peridot So, that's something we can check for today as soon as -- Steven! What are you doing in that bathing gown?! Get dressed already!
Steven Oh, uh, right.
On a train passing the countryside during the day
Steven Do you think they grew much overnight?
Amethyst Yeah, I bet the place looks even better!
Steven We should plant even more stuff. What do you think we should do next?
Amethyst What about hydrangeas?
Steven Uh, which one's that?
Amethyst I don't know, but it sounds good, right?
Steven What do you think, Peridot?
Peridot Hey, thanks for doing this with me.
Amethyst What? Haha, come on.
Steven It was fun.
Peridot I'm just glad I was able to fix something.
Amethyst Yeah, the Kindergarten looks better than ever!
At the Prime Kindergarten
The group witnesses dead sunflowers. Peridot picks one up for it to disintegrate with the wind. Steven and Amethyst look on nervously to see what Peridot does next.
Peridot Well, I don't know why I'm surprised. I should've known not to have hope.
Steven But maybe if we try again --
Peridot It's not going to work! It's never going to work, okay?!
Amethyst Hey, don't be a jerk! We were just trying to cheer you up.
Peridot And good job with that! I feel just great now that I know that nothing's ever going to get better! Everything is just ruined forever! We can't get any of it back! Not my home! Not Lapis! And not this crummy planet, either! We might as well just throw it all in the garbage and toss ourselves in after because it's all just hopeless trash!
Steven Peridot, maybe the sunflowers didn't work, but we know something can grow here.
Peridot walks over to the first flower she has seen in the kindergarten.
Peridot This clod's just like us! Too dumb to get with the program!
Peridot stomps on the flower. Steven and Amethyst whimper and Peridot feels bad for her actions. Suddenly, the ground rumbles.
Peridot Uhhh.
Steven Uh?
Amethyst Waaaa!
The Flower Monster pops out of the ground.
Peridot Oh, of course!
The Flower Monster consumes Peridot.
Steven Peridot!
Steven and Amethyst run toward the Flower Monster, the latter burrowing underground to appear behind the duo. Amethyst uses her whip to grasp the Flower Monster's leg only for the latter to drag her with it. Steven attempts to catch up while Amethyst continues to wack it back.
Amethyst Want to get this together?
Steven Let's do it!
Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz. They throw the Flower Monster onto the surface and surround it with yo-yos, which are then used to squeeze the Flower Monster until it poofs (corrupted Gem) into it's gemstone. Peridot lays on the ground, and Smoky bubbles the gemstone.
Peridot I need to go to the bathroom.
On a train passing the countryside during dusk
The trio lay down disappointed.
Amethyst Man, you were right. The Kindergarten really is dead forever.
Peridot I was a fool to think we could reinstitute life there.
Steven [Sighs] Tell me about it.
Peridot All right. I will. I was pretty much using this as a distraction from losing Lapis, losing the barn, and just a general sense of complete hopelessness I tend to deal with on a day-to-day basis. But it really only confirmed to me that once you mess something up, it's ruined for good and nothing will ever be able to grow again.
Amethyst Yeah, we got the subtext.
Steven Oh, wow.
Steven looks at a field of sunflowers.
Steven What about all this?
Amethyst Now that's some plants.
Peridot Huh. Guess the countryside out here is pretty beautiful. But who cares? I wanted to have this for the Kindergarten!
Steven Even if there was nothing we can do for that one patch of land, there's still a whole Earth blooming all around us.
Amethyst Yeah! Why don't we try gardening in literally any other place? It'll be easier than trying to plant in the Kindergarten. That dirt doesn't care how green your thumb is.
Steven Green thumb! 'Cause you're green. [Laughs]
Peridot I know that!
Amethyst So, are ya in?
Peridot Umm...
Steven Do it, do it, do it, say yes!
Peridot Ugh. Fine. I've got literally nothing else to do.
Steven (unison) Yay!
Amethyst (unison) Oh, yeah!
Steven and Amethyst hug Peridot. The trio stares at the countryside view as Peridot returns the hug.
Episode end

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