• The Sapphire Panda

    Many fans have had a theory similar to this for a long time: our pearl, the Crystal Gem pearl, was owned by White Diamond. The gemstone on her forehead hints to this, and it seems very likely.

    What's even stranger is that the pearl made for White Diamond has a gemstone on her navel, similar to Pink Diamond's gemstone placement. If you increase colors on White's Pearl, you can (supposedly) see pink where there's gray... so there has to be a switch, right?

    Well, I think I may have stumbled across a solution, my friends. Before you post that link to Joe Johnston's twitter confirming the Crystal Gem pearl was made for Pink, hear me out. I know all about that.

    My theory is that pink pearl was made for Pink as soon as Pink emerged. It explains the …

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  • UseURname

    please check my gem gacha in deviant art here !

    here are some of the gems i have made! here!

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  • Fnafkid013

    Um hi I guess

    August 4, 2018 by Fnafkid013

    Hey I’m new I like fnaf and Steven universe...(don’t judge) Not much else to say.. I just want memes sooo... post some memes...

    Why does this blog exist?! Oh yeah, I got bored.

    Ummm... pineapple!?

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  • YukishiroHonoka44

    If you look there is a diamond on Stevonnie's outfit here... god...too much foresadowing

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  • KittroCat

    I’m sure most of us have seen the teaser for Steven Universe: The Movie and I, among many others I’m sure, can hardly contain my excitement to the point that I have excitedly squealed in public at the mere thought of it (much to the confusion of those around me). The teaser contains a gemstone in the shape of a heart with characters appearing inside it as it spins. We see Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Steven and one other mysterious Gem. Upon seeing the teaser, I had assumed that the gemstone these characters appear inside is hers, though I am not entirely sure of this. I have two main theories concerning the identity of this Gem:

    1.     She is a Homeworld Gem of probable high ranking. This was my initial thought before watching “Legs From Here…

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  • KittroCat

    SPOILER ALERT: Please don't read if you haven't yet seen "Legs From Here to Homeworld", as this blog post is about a character only revealed in that most recent episode. 

    Upon seeing White Pearl's damaged eye, I was both perplexed and intrigued by this eerie feature. I was immediately reminded of previous unsureness about Blue Pearl's eyes and whether or not she had two (although, if you read the trivia section of her page, I believe it has now been confirmed that she has two). Once the overall impact of the amazing episode had worn off (slightly), I began to theorise. I came up with three main theories:

    1. White Diamond, being as strange as she is, wanted her Pearl to have one damaged eye. I have theorised since the debut of Blue Pearl that the…
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  • MineErik

    My first day

    July 28, 2018 by MineErik

    (Sorry for my bad english.... :( )

    My first day when i made my profile,

    was... hard... 

    I needed to understand what i can do, or not...

    I tried EVERYTHING to know how to upload a image for my profile... (i realy couldn't do that at some websites, seriously...) 

    i tried VisualEditor but it was loading very long so i used the other one to make my CharacterBox....

    But, hey... i made it!

    I hope i will have a great time here... and have the a chance to upload a image for my CharacterBox :P

    Everyone who is reading this: Have a great time!

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  • KittroCat

    Now, I realise that other people came up with this, but it was my immediate thought come the end of "Reunited". Futhermore, (and this is more something I think would be cool, rather than an actual theory) it would be awesome if Peri reformed with an outfit similar to Steven's, as she admits to wearing his clothes in "Too Short to Ride". I did draw some fan art of this, but as it isn't exactly to my usual standards I won't be uploading it. 

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  • KunIzumi

    No, I do not claim these as art, I used Gemsona- Doll Divine It belongs to them, i just made/re-made these previous gems!

    Padparadcha Sapphire:  Rhodonite:

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  • Kolafloro

    We've seen Blue and Yellow diamond use their aura to an extent, Yellow's abillity to poof a gem with her rays and Blue's abillity to create an aura around her that affects other gems (maybe humans too) emotionally. But what about Pink's and most importantly, White's ray?

    I have a theory that Pink's ray can alter a Gem's gemstone directly, based on her ability to heal the gemstones, thus damaging the gemstone BUT not shattering it. While White Diamond's ray can damage the physical manifestation permanently of a Gem's body, that maybe also the cause why her pearl's eye is damaged, WD must have been angry at her (much like YD with the Zircons) and she must have thrown a ray at her, causing the damage.

    The full annihilation of a gem would be caus…

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