• Jasonnguyen2606

    After the a few days, the judge has officially confirmed that its let AT&T acquire Time Warner so the merger deal between AT&T and Time Warner is complete and it now renamed as WarnerMedia. Meaning that AT&T is now owned Turner Broadcasting System (Cartoon Network is still part of Turner and is now part of AT&T). So what the future of Steven Universe will be now that Cartoon Network is under AT&T control?

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  • Ranger-X

    It's over

    June 11, 2018 by Ranger-X

    I apologize because this isn't relevant to the wiki. I read the news here. I knew this was going to happen eventually and I could not stop it. Some people are still fighting the government about this, but I am not going to assume a victory here. I am going to assume the worst: that the internet is officially dead. I will slowly break away from all websites and return to my old life again. You may not see me again if things get worse. I will try to make lemonade out of lemons; in other words, the best of a bad situation. There is nothing I can do here except give up. I am sorry that I could not do more. Maybe if I wasn't depressed all the time. :(

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  • AnonymousDuckLover
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  • Ranger-X

    Pink the Tragic Hero

    June 3, 2018 by Ranger-X

    I'm not sure if calling Pink Diamond a tragic hero is accurate here, since she did try to colonize Earth at first. However, she did her best to save it. The video I am sharing with you proves that she had a dilemma and there was no desirable option.

    Pink Diamond Had NO CHOICE - Steven Universe Theory Discussion

    Faking her own death and staging a rebellion had the best outcome, but both humans and gems still died. They still lost the war when the Diamonds got involved and corrupted the rebels. Their defeat was inevitable. I just hope the show ends with everyone living peacefully after Blue and Yellow understand what Pink had to do to defend the world she loved. :(

    I take back what I thought about Rose Quartz earlier. She is not a villainess, b…

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  • Ranger-X

    I was taking a short vacation break when I saw this video about an old Twitter comment Ian posted here (before he deleted it).

    It mentions the four Diamonds but someone else. I am wondering if this will confirm the snake people theory or if it just refering to Steven Universe as another member of the Diamond Authority that rules Homeworld. I would be surprised and excited if the sneople theory were proven true. :)

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  • JellyPoo

    Hello! I'm gonna be taking some su artstyle requests, here are some examples.

    Just give me a character you want me to draw and i'll start!

    (Also they're going to have to be half bodies or headshots because I'm incapable of drawing legs at the moment.)

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  • Ronaldo Smith

    I call this a crazy theory because I don't think there is much chance of it being correct. However, as far as I know, nothing in the show contradicts it so far, so maybe.......

    A Single Pale Rose is basically Pearl 'telling' Steven who Rose really was and how she and Pearl staged Pink Diamonds shattering.

    But that was just what Pearl saw and thinks happened.

    What if Pearl is wrong? What if Pearl was fooled by Pink Diamond?

    Or maybe Rose? 

    Yes, what if Rose and Pink Diamond were two seperate Gems after all?

    So here is one way this could have happened.

    Rose was a real Gem created in the Earth Prime Kindergarten. All of what Garnet and Bismuth said about her is true, she learned to love Earth's organic life, and tried to convince Pink to stop the de…

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  • Ranger-X

    I am looking forward to new episodes this summer and a season 6. I am thinking of ways the crewniverse would continue the story and answer every question I have. One of the biggest questions I have is who can repair the corrupted gems. Since the diamonds did the damage, are they the only ones who can fix it? Can Steven do it by himself now that he knows he has Pink Diamond's gem?

    Is Lapis Lazuli coming back to Earth and will she become a Crystal Gem like Peridot did? Will they change clothes and get stars on them like Rose Quartz did in the episode Your Mother and Mine?

    Will they fuse together and will the fusion be called Turquoise (or another blue-green gem)?

    What role will White Diamond have in the story? Will she be an antagonist? Will the…

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  • MR.Flix

    Hello all, I have once again emerged. I bring a gift in the form of more commissions! 

    So, last year I made a mildly popular blog post where I took art commissions from you guys, and I want to do that again. Here's a link to the previous post:

    In the past year, I feel that my art style has improved a bit, and commissions are a great way for me to get in some practice.

    I wasn't able to respond to everyone who made a request last time, and for that I apologize. If any of you whom I wasn't able to get to last time want to try again, please feel free :P

    Once again, commisions are first come, first serve. I may not be able to service everyone. 

    I will do commisions for gemso…

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  • Lime Tourmaline


    May 24, 2018 by Lime Tourmaline

    These are the others of my kind, THE TOURMALINES!!! They're like the philosophers of Homeworld

    Pink: these get shattered a lot, as they think about love and fusion

    Red: these think about war and colonization

    Orange: these think about emotion

    Green: these think about morality

    Blue: topography and cartography

    Purple: logic and math

    Black: exsistential stuff

    On another note: I learned I'm only allowed one blog post a day... D:

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