• Alexandrite-is-greater-than-Malachite

    So I know there have been many theories about how Pink Diamond is Rose and all that. And also there are many people who said this could not be because Rose shattered Pink Diamond. But lets consider the shape of Pink Diamond's and Rose's gems. Notice how Pink Diamond's gem does not have the same front facing facet as the other Diamonds we have seen. It is turned upside down and we don't see the top facet. However, we do see the side facets, which suggest one thing: Pink Diamond's front facing facet is not a diamond, but something else like a pentagon. It could also explain why our specific Rose has the same gem placement and how the Rose Quartzes became Pink's in the first place.

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  • Ranger-X

    Can you believe some artists drew rooms for most of the gems in the show? Even some fusions are getting rooms of their own. I love that idea. A person's room can tell you alot about their personality and feelings. I have some room ideas for my four characters, just like the fusions idea I had some time ago. The artist Shezarae of Deviant Art loves Steven Universe; we have so much more in common than I thought.

    My superhero avatar and alias Ranger-X has an interesting room. It is a deep blue color and has six colored pillars with six of the seven Cosmic Crystals placed on each one. The heptagonal ruby is north, the drop-shaped aquamarine is south (oppos…

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  • Ranger-X

    I need to explain why I decided to write about my own characters at my own project website. The reason I created the character I call Ranger-X is because I secretly want to redeem myself and be a hero. The reason I chose my user name here is because it is based on the x variable and has nothing to do with the Sega Genesis shoot-em-up game. Actually, the ranger part of the name is because I was and still am a Power Rangers fan. So the name Ranger-X means I would become a hero with limitless potential just like the variable.

    The character Duchess is based on a real dog friend I once knew, but I based her new form on the arctic fox. She is a psychic with mental abilities as well as pyrokinesis. She becomes my girlfriend and mentor in the story…

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  • FurryLord

    Fusion Weapons

    March 1, 2018 by FurryLord

    Ok, ima just put it out here right now and say that Rainbow Quartz's weapon could be a pizza cutter. Think about it....

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  • Frostterra

    Given how many fusions we have seen throughout the show, it seems that we can make "SOME" definite predictions about them; and it seems that the number of arms/limbs correspond to physical differences of gems and the number of eyes correspond to differences in their personalities and point of view (quite literaly by giving the components seperate eyes to suit their viewpoint).

    EDIT : This "theory" is more of an interesting coincidence and I guess can sort of now be considered a headcannon explaination for a mostly random process (unless the crew has got some intricate reason for it(very unlikely)). EDIT 2 : This theory will be superceded, more info on it later.

    TL;DR : eyes correspond to number of viewpoints and arms correspond to number of …

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  • FurryLord


    February 25, 2018 by FurryLord

    Ummmm, so, first blog post! Anyways, I have a friend who has STILL not seen the most recent episodes of SU (yeah idk why), and I need ways to stop myself from spoiling without stopping hanging out with them. Any ideas?

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  • Alysscot24

    My life in Steven Universe

    February 24, 2018 by Alysscot24

    My life is all about Steven Universe. I mean ALL my life is, is Steven Universe. In real life people call me Ruby (its my birth stone) I also hae a bad temper. My best friend is a Sapphire. Its kind of creepy. But also cool. My second favorite fusion is Sardonyx (my favorite is Garnet, duh). All my friends love in love with the show. My other friends ane a Pearl, a Peridot, and a Diamond. 

    Well that mostly somes up my life. 

    Bye everybody 

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  • Blacksparks03


    February 24, 2018 by Blacksparks03

    If anybody cares, I'm thinking of making a small S.U. video that'll be posted to my instagram in some time! I'll keep this anybody caring up to date!

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  • Dark Boss 7

    Something from 2015

    February 8, 2018 by Dark Boss 7

    Do you guys remember that old Lowe's commercial from 2015? The one with that washing machine? Well, this little something might remind you of that.

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  • SpaceWonder4

    This is my blog where you can ask questions about my comic series!   The rules are: 

    1. No Mean comments or off-topic comments (I will remove them somehow) 
    2. No questions about spoilers (My low budget have a continuity on it own and it set in a parrel universe)

    That all about the rules of this Q/A and now you can ASK ME any QUESTIONS about Low Budget Steven Universe! 

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