• Tycio


    October 21, 2017 by Tycio

    Pretty sure she is intended as Carmen Sandiego parody. Though less confident than Peter being a Mario parody.

    Trying to recall if I saw either charactsr in episodes other than Doug Out. Wondering what their fusion would look like.

    I suppose pizza pops are also part of the etymology.

    Going with food themes, closest I can think for Connie is Cucumber.

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  • Stevenuniversewiki

    help the wiki

    October 19, 2017 by Stevenuniversewiki

    help the blog that is almost dead please so please join plus tell us about your wikis then we could help you plus its our first wikia web I'll like it to be heart warming place.

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  • UseURname

    So, I've been thinking of creating a series about Steven Universe. I still don't know which of my ideas should I do, that's why I need people to join me in creating the series. To join the series, you should have one or both of the following:

    • Drawing skills (anatomy, face expressions)
    • Writing skills (lit plot)

    Anyway no money will be included in this project, but we never really know.

    Comment below or PM me here.

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  • TheUniverse004

    Im kinda bored and have no idea left so i wanna take some fusion requests.

    I used to be that crappy, annoying, over-requesting, always blocked user, but ive been away from this wiki for ages.

    I've began my own tumblr page, which is slowly but steadily doing well. (GO CHECK OUT PRISMSOURCE!)

    The only rules for these requests is that they cant be between corrupted gems. 

    Go ahead! 

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  • Maissacloset$31

    hey i heard about the steven universe save the light video game is coming out this halloween i'm excited i showed my dad my progress report and i made some good grades when the steven universe save the light video is released and once i looked up and it shows me the price (hopefully it's cheap) for my dad to buy it once i tell my dad about the steven universe save the light video game and ask him to buy it for me and tell the price for it and show him my progress report which has good grades on it he'll buy for it once we brought it at gamestop my collection of steven universe the light series are complete and i'll play with the game once i got the playstation 4 to play it then once the episode Deweys Wins has been on the air and steven un…

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  • AquaticPanic

    Title Card Pun Game

    October 13, 2017 by AquaticPanic

    Let's play a game. A very easy one at that: All you have to do is pick any title from an episode from the show and remove any letter, at an attempt to create a pun. Then, you make a poorly drawn representation of that pun. Don't say the name of the ep until someone gets it right.

    For an exemple of movies, you could do "Moan", "A Bus Life", "Wall", "Finding Emo", Etc.

    Good luck, and be creative!

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  • Nacrite

    (Click 'read more' for images!)

    Isn't she beautiful? Let's talk about her.

    Watermelon Tourmaline (confirmed name, by the way) has spikes that supposedly hide her gem, but there is one in the temple that would suit her quite well:

    • Green on the top
    • Pink on the bottom
    • Triangles
    • Angles

    It kind of looks like one of those 'count the triangles' pics on Buzzfeed, eh? Anyway, it's currently bubbled in the temple, which would make sense. If this is her gem, Watermelon:

    • Isn't a fusion
    • Isn't a sub-category of a gem (like a pink-and-green sapphire)
    • Is currently in the crystal temple
    • Is even more beautiful

    Yeah. So I guess that's a wrap. But here's a quick question for everyone:

    What do you think Watermelon Tourmaline's weapon would be?

    My guess is a spiked mace or a …

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  • Batstick

    Hello svtfoe" For year's in animation's history here many crossover's between two series's or more like Hercules and the Arabian Night,Flintstones,Who Framed Roger Rabbit,Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue and couple of more this series own by different company's like Turner Broadcasting System, Inc Disney Channels Worldwide and Viacom but what if cartoon network,Disney and Nickelodeon all three channel's show have a crossover.what if you have three favorite show's from each different channel you wanting have crossover but not to caused by copyright but you can change

    Here link:

    Do take my word's here of my supporter's making a video with her little fan art 

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  • Burbot019

    The Mourning Dove

    October 7, 2017 by Burbot019

    "I'll be back!," Connie called to her parents. "I just need to see if Steven's around to play!"

    Connie lit her old flashlight as she jumped out of her house, breathing in the fresh air, when she heard a rock dove begin to mourn and weep, as a human .

    Being used to much stranger, Connie could not help but ask; "Oh, Rock Dove, why? oh, why, do you cry?"

    "Because," replied the pigeon in tears, "Someone I know is going to die."

    Starting to feel sympathy, Connie held out a slice of wheat bread, and cooed: "O, dove, would you like to have a piece of bread?"

    "Not even a loaf," the pigeon sobbed, "Will not make me forget her closeness to the deathbed!"

    As the rock dove continued to cry, Connie could not help but feel a twinge of guilt as she left off.


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  • Honey Dew Dew 12


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