Goat Guardian is the second Steven Universe game, playable here on the Cartoon Network website. The objective of this game is to collect a golden apple and then bring it to Steven Jr.


  • This game is centered around Steven Jr., who made his debut in "Giant Woman".
    • The name of the game is also a reference to him, as Steven pretended he was a "Magical Goat Guardian" to get Pearl and Amethyst to fuse into Opal.
  • You can collect gemstones, such as Garnet's garnet, Pearl's pearl, and Amethyst's amethyst in the game.


  • Rock Slide: Make 250 rocks fall.
  • Get That Goat: Collect a Golden Apple.
  • Arrows Away!: Shoot 10 Arrows.
  • Gem Hunter: Find all the Crystal Gems on all levels.
  • Beetle Mania: Collect 5 beetles.
  • Look Out Below: Mystery Badge: Make all the blocks fall on Level 28.




  • You can only collect one of Garnet's gems, which is Ruby's gem.
  • Amethyst's gem is faceted octagonal in this game, whereas in the show and other games, it is hexagonal.
  • The song playing in the levels is Giant Woman.