To be human is to be flawed. A real hero must struggle!

—"Historical Friction"
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Jamie is a character who made his debut in the episode "Cheeseburger Backpack" and had his first major role in "Love Letters". His second was in "Historical Friction".


Jamie is a good-natured mailman that is first seen delivering Steven's Cheeseburger Backpack. His uniform consists of a light blue button up shirt with an envelope embroidered on both sleeves, a white shirt beneath it, cobalt blue shorts, a messenger satchel with an envelope embroidered on its flap, and a pith helmet. He also wears a pair of white socks under a pair of red shoes with white lining. He has a prominent nose, thick eyebrows, thick brown hair, and soft-black eyes.

In the episode "Historical Friction", Jamie changes into a casual outfit consisting of a black v-neck shirt and brown-green pants. His costume for his role in the play is a red turtleneck and a small white sailor hat.


Jamie is easygoing, friendly, kind, and is (mostly) dedicated to his job. While he takes his duties seriously, his real dream is to be an actor. He considers himself a thespian, likes Shakespearean poetry, and has a flare for the dramatic (so much so that he and others refer to his bouts of overacting as being in "the drama zone"). He is very sensitive at times and does not take rejection well. His failed attempts to make it big in Kansas were particularly difficult for him to deal with.

Jamie is a true romantic and believes in love at first sight. When Garnet rejects his advances, he is heartbroken, and chooses to give up the Beach House route so as to not have to face her again.


Jamie spent an unknown amount of time being a postman, as well the only person to know where Steven lives to give his mail. Some time after the events of "Cheeseburger Backpack", where he oddly enough delivered the object of the same name, Jamie went to Kansas to be an aspiring thespian. According to him, he faced rejection day after day, to the point where he couldn't take it anymore and moved back to Beach City to become a mail person once again.

Once he returned, Jamie reunited with Steven, met Connie and more importantly Garnet whom he believes he fell in love with. After several failed attempts at wooing her, Garnet encouraged him by telling him he is an amazing actor and should start with local theater.

Whether he took her advice or not, he ended up starting a small production of "Beach City or Bust: The Tale of William Dewey", which was to be acted in by Steven and him as the only actors, and produced by the Mayor. While initially disheartened by how bad the script was, after getting a revised version by Steven and Pearl he gained the confidence to put on a great play that not only the whole town loved, but also the Mayor who made him the lead director of Beach City Community Theater.


You make a very convincing lovesick fool. You convinced these children, you even convinced yourself. You're a fantastic actor.

Garnet, "Love Letters"

Jamie is an ambitious, yet inexperienced actor. While he does not have the skill set of a movie star, facing repeated rejection in Kansas, he is able to act multiple roles at the same time. His first play, Beach City or Bust: The Tale of William Dewey, was well received by its audience. He is also skilled in mime.

Jamie also shows promise in technical theater, being able to build, paint, and rig complex set pieces with only Steven to help, and within a short range of time. He is also able to proficiently critique a story, as he gave valid reasons on why the first draft of The Tale of William Dewey would not do well, stating that the story's main character was too perfect and was not believable. When Steven gave him a revised version written by Pearl, Jamie highly praised it and fittingly stated that it seemed like it was written by someone who witnessed the events. He became the Lead Director of Beach City Community Theater after performing The Tale of William Dewey with Steven.

In "Historical Friction", he is shown to make shadow puppets of a dolphin and a face (and more) using his hands.


Steven Universe

Love Letters (30)

Jamie talking with Garnet, Steven and Connie.

Jamie and Steven are friends who share a normal, healthy relationship. Their interactions are cheerful and friendly, seeming glad to see each other. They seem to view each other positively. Steven enjoys getting a post from Jamie and made up his own song for when he visits, "Hey Mr. Postman". While understanding Garnet's relationship status, Steven is concerned for Jamie's feelings and emotional well-being during the events of "Love Letters". For the longest time, Jamie seemed to be the only mail-person who knew where Steven lived; all mail meant for Steven stopped for as long as Jamie is away until Barbara located Steven's home. Jamie is glad that Steven decided to join his play in "Historical Friction" since no one else showed up and gives Steven the leading role of William Dewey. Steven really takes Jamie's critique of the perfection of William Dewey's character to heart, and later encourages him to use the revised version of the play.

Barbara Miller

Barbara is known to be his fellow mail carrier. While she yells at him if he doesn't get signatures, she does not speak ill of him and was even seen to be compassionate towards him after his "emotions were destroyed," as she put it.

Connie Maheswaran

Jamie and Connie have only met relatively recently. Still, as he put it, a "friend of Steven's is a friend of his". Like Steven, Connie is moved by Jamie's heartfelt love letter and seeks to help him through the impending rejection as smoothly as possible.


When Jamie met Garnet in "Love Letters", he instantly developed a crush on her. He was devastated when she spurned him. His crush goes away after having a talk with Garnet about love. Her practical advice helps set him straight, and she recommends he start small and make his debut in local theater as a positive outlet for his genuine talent. He eventually does, doing his first play in the episode "Historical Friction" and afterwards becoming Lead Director of Beach City Community Theater.

Episode Appearances


  • Jamie's absence is explained in "Love Letters" as he was in Kansas for a long period of time.
    • His reason for returning from Kansas was getting rejected "day after day".
  • Jamie appears alongside other Beach City residents in the new season 2 opening.
  • Jamie used to be the only mailman who delivered mail to Steven's address, but Barbara Miller picked up the torch when Jamie temporarily quit.


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