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Speaker Dialogue
[Int. Steven's Room]
(Pearl is seen warping to the temple, and when Steven talks to her, she flinches.)
Steven Pearl! Where have you been? *runs to Pearl*
Pearl Uh, looking for Peridot! For a few days straight... Steven, I know I might have... disappointed... all of you. I know Garnet is very upset with me, but I'm going to prove to her that she can trust me again!
(Garnet walks in through Steven's door.)
Pearl Oh! Garnet! I was just looking for Peridot! She's bound to be somewhere, right? Any new ideas? (Garnet says nothing, and walks past her. Pearl looks to the floor.) I'm sorry...
(Garnet stops walking, and Greg's voice is heard from outside the front door.)
Greg Who wants to go on a *Greg walks in the door, paper in hand* road trip?! (The Gems turn to look at him, all holding unhappy expressions.) Umm... Is this a bad time?
Garnet *walks to Greg* No. Please continue.
Greg Well I gotta drive over to the next state, Keystone.
Pearl You mean the Keystone state?
Greg Right, the state named Keystone. I met a guy on an internet message board who's selling car wash brushes for real cheap! I just gotta meet him in Keystone and pick em' up!
Steven I don't like those brushes, they feel weird on your fur.
Greg Well, do you like motels?
Steven Probably!
Greg Think you'd like to stay at a motel with your favorite dad?
Steven I don't know if you're my favorite...
Greg What? Huh... oh, you kidder! Come here!
(Steven jumps into Greg's arms.)
Steven I can't wait to get room service!
Greg You're thinking of a hotel, we're going to a motel. It'll have a pool, and free ice, and it's right next to the best diner in the world!
Garnet I'm coming too.
Pearl What?
Steven *gasps* Even better!
Greg *whispering* Hey, Garnet, I know I'm talking this place up, but... it ain't exactly the Ritz.
Garnet *smiling* I'll be the judge of that.
Greg Well in that case... road trip!
Garnet *nods head* Road trip.
Pearl Wonderful! I'll make sure Amethyst knows that- *sighs*
(Garnet walks past her out the door.
Pearl Fine! *with a strained smile* Well... goodbye!
Steven This is going to be fun! Right, Dad?
[Int. Greg's Van]
(Steven is sleeping, Greg is tired, and Garnet is wide awake.)
[Int. Keystone Motel]
Greg Another great thing about motels, *opens room door* you can drive right up to your door!
(Steven gasps in awe as they look at an ordinary motel room.)
Steven I'm gonna swim in the pool, order a movie, get free ice! It's gonna be great! *jumps on the bed*
Greg Not before we check for bed bugs, it isn't!
(Garnet enters, carrying their bags, groaning.)
Greg Good news! We're bugless! *his cell phone lights up* Oh! That's my cue. Hey, do you mind holding down the fort until I get back?
(Garnet sits, hands on her knees twitching. She gives a thumbs up with her left hand.)
Greg Great. I'm going to see a man about a tunnel brush... An internet man... If I'm not back in an hour, call the police.
Steven Ohhkay!
(Greg closes the door.)
Steven Bounce with me Garnet! *jumps on bed* O-or we could look at brochures. Oh, Keystone Caverns....
Garnet/Sapphire *groans, appearing very tense* Calm down.
Garnet/Ruby *pants, speaking to herself* I don't feel like forgiving Pearl!
Garnet/Sapphire *still talking to herself, shaking* You don't understand, we must.
Garnet/Ruby *grabs her shoulders* If you're not going to listen then you can just- go!
(Garnet de-fuses into Ruby & Sapphire, who scream as they fall to the floor.)
Sapphire *sitting, facing away from Ruby* We must move past this, Ruby.
Ruby She lied to us so we'd form Sardonyx! She tricked us; don't you feel used?!
Steven *stars in his eyes* Ruby! Sapphire! I uh-
Sapphire You're choosing to take it personally.
Ruby *shouting, jumping to her feet* It's fusion, Sapphire! What's more personal to us than fusion!?
[Camera shows Steven watching, uncomfortable]
Sapphire I know, you're still upset.
Ruby Oh, so it's just me?
Sapphire Of course not. *turns to face Ruby, expressionless, monotone* Can't you see I'm completely engulfed with rage?
Ruby Well, it doesn't feel like it. *starts tapping her foot impatiently*
Sapphire The sooner we forgive Pearl, *starts to levitate* the better it will be for us all. *floats onto the bed*
Ruby *yelling* You're... not... as above this as you... think you... are! *grunts angrily, her head steaming*
Sapphire Yes, I am. (Ruby paces around the room and gets even angrier.) You can't stay angry with her forever.
Ruby *turns and points at her* Wanna bet?
(Smoke starts rising from the carpet.)
Sapphire Ruby, the carpet.
(Ruby looks down and sees the carpet burning.)
Ruby You... can't even... Argh!
(Ruby runs out of the room, slamming the door shut.)
Steven Nice to... see you again?
Sapphire Nice to see you, too.
(Steven walks outside in his bathing suit, towel in hand, and walks towards the pool, where he sees Ruby pacing around angrily.)
Steven *nervously* Hey, Ruby! You wanna swim in the pool?
Ruby It's fusion, Steven! *resumes pacing* It's like Sapphire doesn't even care! *talking quieter* And we're supposed to be the bigger Gem about this. *throws her hands up in the air, shouting* We're ALLLLLLWAYS the bigger Gem! Well not this time! Not—about—this!
Steven Come on, w-why don't you come cool down in the pool? Hup! *cannonballs into the pool*
Ruby I don't need to "cool down".
Steven Come on, Ruby! The water's niiice!
Ruby *hesitates* Why does she always act like I'm being ridiculous? *walks to the bottom of the pool and continues pacing* Just because she wants to pretend like she doesn't have feelings? Oh yeah! I don't have any feelings... (Her words are muffled by water.)
Steven Uhh, Ruby? ... You made a warm spot! (The water around him starts to bubble.) Aah! A hot spot! Boiling! (He turns red, quickly climbs out of the pool and starts panting.) Uhh... I'm gonna go back to the room.
Ruby *continues grumbling underwater*
(Steven walks back into a frozen room, and turns blue.)
Steven Phew... *shivering* Sapphire?
Sapphire Hello, Steven.
Steven A-Are you... d-d-doin' ok?
Sapphire I'm... fine.
(Frost forms on the wall behind her as she speaks.)
Steven Okay... *jumps on bed* Wanna watch TV together?
Sapphire Sure.
Steven *turns on TV* Huh... t-the channels are all the wrong numbers... Hey... can you use your future powers to predict what channel I'd love the most?
Sapphire Hmm... 43. But there's not much on.
(Steven switches to the channel, and covers himself in blankets, as the frost behind Sapphire grows.)
Steven Hey, S-Sapphire?
Sapphire Even if I do, Ruby won't listen.
Steven Huh?
Sapphire You're going to say I should talk to Ruby, but it won't help.
Steven B-But she seems really upset.
Sapphire That doesn't matter. We can't stay mad at Pearl forever, and she can't stay mad at me forever, and then she'll come back and see that I'm right.
Steven *shivering, ice forming on his face* A-A-Are you s-s-sure?
Sapphire I can see the path of fate as it stretches toward the horizon. Ruby can't avoid the inevitable. She's just letting her emotions get out of hand.
Steven N-N-Not you though?
Sapphire No. (More of Sapphire's bed freezes.)
Steven I'm... going to the bathroom. *walks into bathroom*
Sapphire Also inevitable.
Steven *through the closed door* Uhh... Sapphire? The toilet's frozen...
Sapphire Such is fate.
Steven *annoyed* Am I fated to pee outside in the grass too? *walks outside, and shuts door*
Sapphire ... Yes.
Steven *grumbling* Keystone state...
(The headlights on Greg's van shine on Steven, and the van parks.)
Greg Hey, Stu-ball, I brought dinner! *holds up pizza box*
Steven Hey Dad, how'd it go?
Greg Well, he wasn't an axe-murderer, so that was good. What are you doing outside in your bathing suit? And where's Garnet?
(Greg looks in the room, and sees Sapphire sitting on the bed.)
Sapphire He's not gonna like that it's square...
(Greg quickly closes the door and goes back outside.)
Greg Oh boy... Where's the other one?
Steven She's pacing around in what used to be the pool.
(Ruby is seen still pacing around the bottom of the pool, which is now steaming with no water.)
Greg *sitting down in the back of the van* Something pretty serious must be going on if it made Garnet split up. But hey! We can still have a good time!
(Greg opens the pizza box, revealing it to be a square pizza.)
Steven Square pizza?! What's wrong with this crazy state?!
Greg Son, there will come a time in your life when you learn to accept all pizza. *tears well up in his eyes*
Steven Why can't Ruby and Sapphire just... make up?
Greg Sometimes people that love each other can hurt each other's feelings, without meaning to. We should just give them some space.
Steven But I think they'd work it out if they'd just talk to each other!
Greg Everything will be better in the morning. We'll all go to the best diner in the world, where we'll eat the best breakfast in the world!
Steven You think that'll help?
Greg *nudges Steven* Nothing like a little breakfast to bring people together!
Steven You really are my favorite dad.
Greg I knew this pizza would put me over the top...
[Int. The Best Diner in the World]
(Steven, Greg, Ruby, and Sapphire are sitting at a table. Steven is playing with a spoon, Greg is whistling awkwardly, Ruby leans on the table, facing away from Sapphire, angrily tapping a finger. Sapphire is sitting patiently. A waitress brings four meals.)
Greg Hey!
(The waitress hands everyone their food.)
Greg Thank you!
Steven Thanks!
(Ruby stares blankly at the plate in front of her. They all have eggs and bacon shaped as smiling faces.)
Greg What's the matter? Not hungry? *Ruby looks up at him*
Steven Gems don't need to eat, Dad.
Greg Eh... Well Garnet likes to eat sometimes.
Ruby Argh! Well Garnet's not here! (She throws herself against the booth seat and crosses her arms, wiggling a foot impatiently.)
(Steven and Greg awkwardly begin to eat.)
Greg *nervously* Mmm... Oh boy, this really is "The Best Diner in the World"!
(Ruby starts to shake the table, looking furious.)
Sapphire You're shaking the table.
Ruby Oh?! (She punches the table, then continues shaking it.) Hah, I'm kinda surprised you felt anything at all, to be honest!
Sapphire I didn't need to feel, I saw.
Ruby Eeeverything is just so... *shakes table more violently* CRYSTAL. CLEAR. TO. YOU. ISN'T IT?!?!
(Steven and Greg frantically lift their food from the table.)
Sapphire *leans over table to Steven and Greg* This will pass. She'll eventually just burn herself out.
Ruby THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK! *summons her gauntlet* I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME, BABY!
(Ruby smashes the table, causing everything to fall.)
Ruby *arguing with Sapphire* You don't know me!
Sapphire How could I possibly not know you, we always fuse—
(While the two continue to argue, Steven gasps as he sees one of the breakfasts turned into a frown.)
Ruby Look at you! Awww-haw-haw.
Sapphire We always fuse. Look at you. Look at what you're going on about...
Ruby You don't even know yourself! Hah!
Greg *smiling nervously at Steven* Hey, it's okay pal! We can still save this! Why don't we just bag them up to go, and-
(Steven tosses his plate onto the floor, and walks outside with tears in his eyes. Ruby and Sapphire stop arguing immediately and watch.)
Greg Aww jeez...
(Ruby and Sapphire look at each other and follow him outside.)
Ruby and Sapphire Steven!
Steven I was so happy when Garnet said she was gonna come on this trip with me and Dad! (Ruby and Sapphire look at each other, worried looks on their faces.) Home's been awful! Here's been awful! I thought you wanted to have a fun time but, everyone's been acting awful too! It-It just came with us! I don't understand! (He looks at the ground.) Is it- is it me?
Ruby No! Steven, it's all us!
Sapphire But we made him feel... like it was his fault. *lifts a hand up to her face* I keep looking into the future, when all of this has already been solved... As if it doesn't matter how you feel in the present... *starts to cry* No wonder you think I don't care!
Ruby Sapphire... -- No, no no no no no no no! This is all my fault! I-I didn't want to look for a solution, I-I just wanted to be mad! Y-You're right! You're always right! I was being stupid!
Sapphire I don't think you're stupid!
Ruby I'm... sorry...
(Ruby brushes Sapphire's hair to the side, revealing only one crying blue eye.)
Sapphire You honestly think I'm not upset about what happened? I was just... *Ruby wipes her tears away* trying to do the right thing...
Ruby I know...
(Sapphire sighs and holds Ruby's hand against her cheek.)
Ruby *smiling* You know what's nice about being split up?
Sapphire What? *looks concerned*
Ruby I get to look at you.
(Ruby grins, and Sapphire starts to laugh, pushing her away.)
Sapphire *laughing* Be serious!
Ruby *hugs her* There's my Laughy Sapphy! *laughs mischievously*
Sapphire *blushing* Shh! You're embarrassing me in front of Steven!
[Camera focuses on Steven, who's looking away, embarrassed]
(The two laugh, Ruby throws Sapphire into the air, catches her and kisses her on the cheek and neck. Sapphire blushes and continues giggling. Steven blushes, covers his eyes, lays on the ground, and sighs.)
Greg *walks up to Steven* Well, I paid for breakfast... And the damage to the booth... Anywho, I think I'm all vacationed out. Ready to call it a day?
(Steven takes a breath as if he's going to say something, but is cut off by Ruby and Sapphire fusing.)
Garnet *smiling and adjusting her shades* Not before we get our free ice.
Steven *starry eyed* Garnet!
[Int. Beach House]
Steven Weee're hooome!
(Steven and Greg enter, holding a bag of ice, and see Pearl talking to Amethyst. Pearl looks sad, and Amethyst's hand is on her knee.)
Pearl I just don't know why I keep- (Amethyst quickly takes her hand off of Pearl's leg and waves to Steven and Greg.) Oh! Uh- You look like you all had fun!
Steven Yeah! It all worked out!
(Garnet is seen standing behind them.)
Pearl Garnet, how are you?
Garnet *holds hand up* Not now. *walks away*
Pearl She's speaking to me again... Kind of.
Greg That really was a great trip.
Steven *gasps* Can we go back?
Greg Maybe one day... But, not to that diner! [Scene starts to close and pauses on Greg's face] Oh boy...

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