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"On the Run" is the 40th episode of the first season in Steven Universe, and the 40th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven and Amethyst try out life on the road mimicking "The No Home Boys". [2]


Steven is reading a book when the Gems come in carrying the Flask Robonoids from "Warp Tour". Steven asks what they are doing and Pearl tells him that they are going to analyze the robonoids, making sure that they can't reactivate and fix the Gem Homeworld Warp so that the Homeworld Gems can't come back to Earth.

Steven asks what the Homeworld Gems want to do to Earth. Pearl tells him that a long time ago, Gems tried to do something very bad that would damage the Earth. She says that some Gems, like herself, Rose Quartz, and Garnet, felt that this is unfair to the life that already lived on Earth and vowed to defend the Earth from being damaged, even if it meant that they couldn't go to their Homeworld again. Steven notes that they can't go home just like the characters in the book he is reading, "The No Home Boys". Pearl then says that makes no sense, stating that they're in his home right now. Amethyst is conspicuously absent in the discussion, seemingly sulking in the corner, breaking Flask Robonoids and seemingly getting angrier and angrier about the discussion.

Steven and Amethyst then decide to go and live on the road just like the "No Home Boys", so with bindle sacks on sticks in their hands, they set out. They catch a ride to the edge of town in Jenny's Car and then jump on a train. Steven notes the hardships of living on the road and states he wants to go home. Amethyst says that she doesn't want to go back yet, but Steven says that the other Gems are probably worried sick. Amethyst retorts that Steven's home isn't her home either. Steven at first believes that Amethyst is referring to the Gem Homeworld, but Amethyst reveals that she is actually from Earth.

Steven asks her to explain where her home is, but she says it would be easier to show it to him. Amethyst then brings Steven to the Gem Kindergarten, an imposing canyon, covered with disused Gem machinery which Amethyst calls "Old Gem Junk". The walls of the canyon are covered with humanoid-shaped holes and Amethyst shows Steven the hole she herself came from; she explains to Steven that whilst Garnet and Pearl come from space, she was created here. Steven grows nervous, musing over all the other holes in the cliff face.

Pearl suddenly warps in. She tells the pair that Garnet told her they would be in the Kindergarten, but she refused to believe it. Pearl is furious at Amethyst for showing Steven the Kindergarten, saying that he is "not yet ready" to know about it. When Steven asks Pearl if Amethyst was really made in Kindergarten, Pearl demands Amethyst to tell her how much she told Steven. Amethyst angrily admits that the Kindergarten is a "bad place" where "bad Gems would grow more bad Gems", and that Garnet and Pearl saved the Earth from "parasites like me". Pearl stammers to Steven that she never wanted to let him know of the horrors of Kindergarten, to which Amethyst responds by attacking Pearl in a rage.

While they are fighting, Amethyst says that she feels that she is just an embarrassment to Pearl, and that Pearl wants to remind her of everything she hates about herself, she also says that she "never asked to be made". Steven gets in between them and tells them to stop fighting, when a broken down injector, which had one of its legs damaged earlier during the fight, starts to fall in their direction. Steven summons his bubble to protect himself and Pearl, but Amethyst runs away before Steven protect her. The machine crashes and Amethyst seems to be crushed.

Emerging from the rubble, Steven finds Amethyst, unharmed, hiding in the hole she came from, crying. Amethyst claims that she's "bad" and Steven shouldn't be around her. Steven admits that he still doesn't understand the meaning behind Kindergarten, and Amethyst replies that if he did he wouldn't want to talk to her. Steven pleads Pearl to talk to Amethyst. Pearl confesses to Amethyst that she had no idea how upset she is about her creation. Amethyst angrily responds that this is her whole purpose for existing, and that Pearl sees her as a mistake. Pearl reassures Amethyst that she doesn't think of her as a mistake, but as a "byproduct of a big mistake". Pearl quickly retracts the statement, telling Amethyst that none of it is her fault. Pearl apologizes to Amethyst; she states that Amethyst is the only good thing to have come out of the whole mess, and she thought that Amethyst was proud of that fact. The group reconciles, with Amethyst hugging Pearl. The trio departs holding hands as dark clouds circulate over the Kindergarten, and some banging noises are heard.







Instrumental Songs


  • It is revealed that Amethyst was "manufactured" on Earth, while Garnet, Pearl, and Rose Quartz were from the Gem Homeworld.
    • What happened to the other manufactured Gems is yet to be explained, but they could have been destroyed by the Crystal Gems, or be the corrupted Gems scattered around the Earth.
  • It is also revealed that the Homeworld Gems wanted to use the Earth for something, but Rose and the other Crystal Gems rebelled.
    • This might explain why the Crystal Gems have star symbols on their clothes while the other Gems have a diamond symbol or no symbol.
    • That something is later revealed to be the Cluster, a giant fusion monster.
  • It is revealed that Gems could be "manufactured" from special drill-like rigs in some sort of "Kindergarten".
    • These rigs heavily resemble bacteriophages, a type of virus; hinting that the homeworld Gem society planned to cull the Earth for its resources in producing more Gems, much as viruses kill cells to replicate themselves.
    • This would also explain Rose Quartz's and the Crystal Gem's rebellion: Rose Quartz's compassion for the preexisting life on the Earth sparked them into protecting it from being mined to nothing.
    • In "Ocean Gem", Lapis Lazuli said, "Don't you know anything, Steven? Your friends, they don't really care about other Gems. All they care about is the Earth. But I never believed in this place...".
    • The new conspiracy theory that Ronaldo rattled off at the end of "Keep Beach City Weird" (after his Snake People theory is disproved), is about "Polymorphic sentient rocks! They're here to hollow out the Earth! It's part of the great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form!" This may have been a hint about this, as the other parts are true (the Gems are basically sentient rocks/crystals and they can shapeshift into any form).
  • Amethyst wasn't originally part of the Crystal Gems until she met Rose and the others.
    • This explains the joke Garnet made when she said "We kept Amethyst" in "Steven's Lion".
  • Amethyst is seen spin-dashing for the second time, at technique she is later shown to share with Homeworld Gem, Jasper.
  • Amethyst's whips are shown to generate a wave of energy that zips along the whips, which will cause an explosion at the end of her whips.
  • Note how there is some sort of banging on metal at the end of the episode.
  • This episode shows that despite their constant fighting, Amethyst and Pearl do care for each other.

Cultural References

  • The book series that Steven likes, No Home Boys, is based on the children book series The Hardy Boys and The Boxcar Children.
  • The people-shaped holes lining the walls of the Kindergarten, Amethyst's comment that one of the holes is "her's", and the way she slides into it are references to the horror manga, "Enigma of Amigara Fault".


  • The Kindergarten, which Peridot planned to reactivate in "Warp Tour", is visited.
  • Peridot's flask robonoids returned in this episode.
    • However, they seem to still be disabled and the liquid that they shoot seems to be more blue this time.


  • Amethyst threw Steven far before he landed on the train during the song, before he landed on the hard metal, yet Steven didn't even get hurt.
  • When Amethyst throws Steven aside before fighting Pearl, her left eye faces the opposite direction as her right eye.
  • In the beginning of the fight, Amethyst is holding her whip using her left hand, and after performing her spin ball, she is holding her whip using her right hand.
  • When Pearl asks for forgiveness, she blushes purple rather than blue.
  • When Steven finished explaining about the No Home Boys book series, all the Robonoids the Gems were carrying disappeared, including the one that Amethyst squashed along with the distributed goo.
  • After Amethyst throws Steven into the train cart, the bindles disappear and then reappear at the end of the song.
  • While Steven was explaining about the "No Home Boys," both of Amethyst's shoulder straps were black instead of only one.


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