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Speaker Dialogue
(The episode opens in the Beach House. Onion and Steven are jumping on the couch, while Steven tiredly narrates what Onion is doing.]
Steven (Lands on his chest and lies down, tired) Woo! Onion sure was having a phenomenal time, jumping with Steven on his couch. But after.. two hours of jumping, he decided it was time to...perhaps stop and do something else? (Onion stops jumping and looks down at him. He turns and heads over to the fridge as Steven follows) Ah, so Onion decided he wanted to have a snack. (Onion opens lower cabinet) And he knew he could help himself to..anything in Steven's kitchen. (Onion takes out Chaaaaps Maximum BBQ and shows Steven as he sighs) Including Steven's favorite limited edition chips...
(As they sit by the windowsill, Onion opens the bag of chips and smells one, while Steven narrates)
Steven Onion smelled the chip, savoring its delicious aroma. But no snack could satisfy his hunger. (Onion looks out window) For power. (Yellowtail's boat horn sounds and Onion throws the chips aside) Oh looks like your dad's home, huh? I guess this round of Onion Tales comes to an end. (Onion opens front door and leaves) See ya! (Steven looks out window) Epilogue- Things get a little lonely for Onion. Not knowing any other kids his age. But luckily he had his friend Steven, who would kindly donate some time to a youth in need.
(Knock Knock Knock)
Steven Coming!
(Steven opens the door)
Steven Oh! Onion! Need someone to hang out with again? Come on in! (Onion doesn't) Oh, I see. Onion wanted to come in, but he paused in the doorway. He needed to take his shoes off, but he didn't know how.
(Onion stands his hand, asking Steven's hand, and Steven hands it)
Steven You... wanna go somewhere else?
(Onion suddenly pulls Steven and runs through Beach City)
Steven Hi Vidalia! Hi Yellowtaaaail! We've just went past your house, Onion! Where're you taking me?!
(Onion and Steven go down a hill into a forest)
Steven (falls on the floor) Ooh! Where are we?
(Onion whistles loudly)
Steven Woah! I didn't know you can whistle like that!
(Noise from bushes)
Steven Uhn? (stands up) Is someone there?
Garbanzo Garbanzo!
Steven (falls and backs up)Ah! Who are you?! Your slow and eerie approach is making me uncomfortable! (stops at a log and a hand touches Steven from inside and he turns) Huh? (screams and runs to the center) Onion, run! (Soup jumps down from above) Yipe! (Steven passes out on the ground and puts out his hands as the three surround him) Looks like it's curtains for Steven Universe.. (Onion comes to him) Onion? (the three remove their masks) Huh? Do you know these guys, Onion? (Onion holds his arms out to hug Squash and Garbanzo on the shoulder) Oh.. they're your friends! Uh, my name's Steven!
Garbanzo Garbanzo.
Steven Uh, I guess you're Garbanzo. Since you're named after a bean, then the baby on your back must be... Pinto? (Pinto coos) And your name is... (Squash takes her hat off, revealing a squash on her head.) Oh, Squash! (Squash winks) And to my left, we have... (Soup hits the pot on her head) Slingshot? (Soup hits the pot again) Uh, pot hat? (Soup hits the pot twice) Uh, I don't know? S-S-S-Soup? (Soup blows a kiss to Steven) Whew! (laughs) It's nice to meet all of you! Huh? (Soup, Garbanzo, and Squash come up to Steven) What a warm welcome! (chuckles nervously) H-Hey, that's my wallet! (Soup knocks down a can, Squash claps) Onion, the whole time, I thought you were just a lonely boy. But you have a whole pantry of friends! Thanks for bringing me here!
Garbanzo (chuckling) Garbanzo.
Steven Cool! A soap-box derby car thing! Can I lend you all a hand?
Garbanzo (chuckles, nodding) Garbanzo.
(Soup, Squash, and Pinto start working on the wagon.)
Steven Is that safe?
Garbanzo Garbanzo!
Steven This looks amazing!
(Onion invites Steven)
Steven Is...there enough room for me?
(Soup shows a room to Steven)
Steven (takes a seat) Alright! Let's roll! (rolling) Woah! It even goes up steep hills! (Yelling and laughing) Swerving!
Garbanzo Garbanzo! (falls from soap-box derby car thing)
Steven Uh! What's going on? (Garbanzo smashes a sachet of ketchup in his hand and spread on his face) Wait! He is gonna be ok, right? It was just a little spill!
Garbanzo Garbanzo! (pretends to die)
Steven Garbanzo? Is this really happening? (Everyone laments) (Pinto crawls to Garbanzo's face) Oh Pinto, I don't know what to say, this all happened so suddenly! I'll call a medical professional!
(Pinto rubs her hands and heals Garbanzo by touching him)
Garbanzo G-Garbanzo! (Garbanzo rises Pinto)
Steven It's a miracle! Pinto has healing po-wers (Onion hits steven with the elbow) W-Why'd you nudge me and wink at me like this was all (Onion winks at him) ...A big joke? (Onion nods and nudges his elbow again and Steven laughs nervously) I get it. Good..joke. Y-You all really got me with that. (Sees Onion taking out trenchcoat out of Soapbox Derby Car trunk) Whoa, that is a really huge trenchcoat! What are you gonna do with that? (Transition to Squash, Garbanzo, Pinto, Soup, and Onion all piling on one on another's shoulders) You're gonna pretend to be grown? Can I pretend with you? (Onion nods and Steven jumps up onto his shoulders) Yippee! (the trenchcoat is sealed up to hide them, and Steven is visible at the top. Onion hands him a hat) Man we look so grown up!
(Squash, at the bottom begins to walk them through town)
Steven What do we do first? Buy a car? Stay in a fancy hotel? Vote? (they make their way to Suitcase Sam's) Hey, is that Suitcase Sam? You think if we bump into him, he'll call us sir? That'll be funny. (Squash walks foward) Oh are we doing it? Hello, Suitcase Sam, sir! It is I, your faithful customer, (Steven closes eyes, but trenchcoat is opened and a picture is snapped by Squash from below) Mr. Mature man! (Suitcase Sam runs away) Wh-Why'd you do that? (Picture develops from Squash's camera, and they laugh at it, passing it up to Garbanzo)
Garbanzo (laughs) Garbanzo! (passes it up to Soup, who laughs, then Onion, then Steven at the top )
Steven Huh? (Transition back to the woods where the picture of Suitcase Sam is being pinned up)
Steven Man! I always thought when we weren't hanging out, you were just, sitting alone at the boardwalk. long as this been going on? (Onion signals him to follow and Steven comes over to where he is drawing lines) What's going on over here? Just drawing in the dirt, eh? That's cool. That's not creepy. Right Soup? (Soup removes his helmet, and bugs come out from under, making Steven gasp. Garbanzo and Squash pick two bugs out of the pot, and Steven is offered the pot ) Uhh..(takes one beetle out and follows them) What should I- (sees that Onion had drawn a racing track, with a ruler in fron of it) Oh, okay. (sets beetle down) Is this..a race? You're racing bugs? (laughs) That's fun!
(Onion says "on your mark, get set go!" in his language and lets the ruler go, beginning the race. Everyone cheers for their bug)
Steven Come on, you can do it! Keep going! (his beetle crosses the finish line) Woo-hoo! I won!
Garbanzo Garbanzo! (everyone else cheers while Garbanzo and Squash carry Steven over to a stump)
Garbanzo (holding a mallet out to Steven) Garbanzo.
Steven For me? (takes it) Thank you! (Soup makes a motion for Steven to smash the beetle with his fists, by using the mallet) Huh? What? You want me to- but-but he won! (Everyone else except Onion makes a punching motion with their hands, encouraging Steven to crush the beetle) I.. can't do it! Bugs may be weird, but I don't wanna kill one! (he sighs and sets down the mallet) I'm sorry, I'm going home! (runs away but Onion makes a sound to call him, to no avail)
(Steven is walking up the steps to the Beach House, on his phone)
Steven Woo, no more weirdo friends. Let's see. (leans over balcony) I bet my best friend Connie's free. (dials her number) Hey, Connie! It's me, Steven. I was wondering if you-Um, no there's no mission. I wanted to hang out. You've-got to do back to school shopping. Oh, pkay. Say hi to the pencils for me! (hangs up) Well, I bet Peedee wants to hang. (Steven pauses, when a text from Peedee reads, "Can't hang out. End of summer work rush." No big deal. I'm sure someone else is free. (Scrolls down his contact list, which is half empty) Umm... Oh. Looks like the lonely boy with no friends his age was actually.. Steven.
(In the morning, Steven is lying on the couch by the windowsill, when Onion knocks on the screen door)
Steven No, Onion! Just leave me alone! (turns away) You don't have to play with me anymore.
(Onion walks away for a second, then returns, jumping through the screen of the door, bursting it open, and comes over to Steven)
Steven What are you doing?! (Onion pulls him down by the foot and begins to drag him) No, Onion! Onion listen! I figured it out! The only reason you hang out with me is cause you feel bad for me, isn't it? (Onion, shocked, shakes his head) You don't have to lie to me to protect my feelings! Those kids, out there in the woods. You understand each other and you don't even talk! They're your real friends. So just go. I don't need you to pity me. It's the one thing I can do by myself. (Onion walks away, out through the hole made through the screen, but leaves something inside)
Steven   Hmm? "(picks up the beetle) Hey. You're..the winner of the bug race. Wait. Onion, I'm sorry! (Opens door and runs out, not before setting the beetle back down)
(Steven runs through town, back to the Forest)
Steven Onion, wait! (bursts through the bushes) Guys, I'm sorry! It was me! I was the lonely boy! I- (notices that Onion's friends are packing up their bags, sadly) Hey, what's going on?...Wait, are you guys.. leaving? I'm sorry about being weirded out before! You don't have to leave! (Onion picks up a leaf and hands it to Steven) Ohhh.I-I get it now. You guys only come to Beach City during the summer months. And since the fall's starting, it must be time for you to go home.
Garbanzo (crying) Garbanzo! (Squash, Soup and himself all go to Steven for one big hug)
Steven I don't know what to say. I- (they all lean in for the hug) Awww. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys. You're all swell.
(Onion's friends drive away on the Soapbox derby car, waving to Steven and Onion)
Steven (waving) Goodbye! I'll never forget you all! (Onion sadly walks over and leans up against a log, and Steven joins him) So that's why you wanted me to come back so much. This was your last chance to have all your friends in the same place. (Onion covers his face, sad and Steven narrates again) Hm. Onion felt really sad about his summer friends leaving. But then he started to feel a little better. (Onion uncovers his face) He remembered all the great times he had with his friends, and all the cool stuff they did together. And until next summer, he had his pal, Steven to hang out with. I-If he wants to.
(Onion, with tears in his eyes, hugs Steven) Aww, buddy!
[Episode Ends]
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