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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Amethyst's Room]
(Bass Fish Toy is singing Fishing for Compliments.)
Steven *giggling* Cannonball! *jumps into the water* Amethyst, did you see? I think that was my best one!
Amethyst *waves hand sideways* Eh. You need to put more "ball" in your "cannon".
Steven *looks down* Is that gonna hurt?
Amethyst Not if you do it like... this!
(Amethyst shape-shifts into a ball and jumps into the water causing a huge splash.)
Steven *goes to land* *laughs* That was awesome! I want to jump in some more puddles.
Amethyst *emerges from water* Okay. *points to puddles* You can try this one... or that one.
Steven What about this one?
Amethyst Whoa, Steven! Wait!
Steven *sticks head in and sees Garnet in The Burning Room* Unh!
Amethyst *pulls Steven's head out of the puddle* *talks nervously* Only Garnet is allowed in there! Let's do something less dangerous. *looks around* Why don't you jump off that? *points to a junk pile*
Steven Whoa. How do you even stack your stuff that high?
Amethyst It's a talent.
(Steven grunts as he climbs towards the top with objects from the pile falling down.)
Amethyst *from below* Do it!
Steven Amethyst, I hope you're ready! 'Cause here I... *jumps into puddle* Goooo— *hits tire* unh! Aaaaah!
[Trans. Int. Pearl's room]
Steven *resurfaces* *gasps* Huh? Am I in Pearl's room?
Amethyst *pops up next to Steven* Ha! that was crazy! Huh? *sees Pearl with a pink bubble full of gem shards* What is she doing with a Rose Quartz bubble?
Steven My mom bubbled that?
Amethyst Garnet's gonna be so ma— *sinks mouth under water and begins moving* *muffled*
Steven *chuckles* *breathes deeply* *sinks mouth under water and follows Amethyst*
Pearl *inspecting Rose Quartz bubble* Ah. Hmm. hmm? Mm-hmm. Mm...
Amethyst *sneaks up behind Pearl* *shouts* BUSTED!!!
Pearl *startled* What are you doing in here?!
Amethyst *mockingly* What are you doing in here?!
Pearl *blushing* I... just wanted to see how the shards are reacting to Rose's bubble. And it's none of your business.
Amethyst I think it's Garnet's business.
Steven Oooooohhhh!
Pearl *grabs Amethyst by the tanktop* *nervously* Don't tell her!
Amethyst How are you gonna *moves Pearl's hand from her tanktop* stop me? (Pearl kicks her in the face.) Ugh! *bites Pearl's foot*
Pearl Aggh! Ame-thyst!
Steven (He runs in between them and separates them.) Guys, stop fighting!
Pearl Heathen!
Amethyst *hisses at Pearl*
Steven *takes the Rose Quartz bubble from Pearl* Here. Let's just put it back...
Pearl Steven, be careful with that!
Amethyst Yeah, give it to me!
(Pearl and Amethyst reach for the bubble at the same time, popping it from both sides.)
All *gasp*
Steven *stares at the now unbubbled and glowing shards in his hands* Uh...
(The shards transform into several disembodied limbs.)
Steven Ahh! Ahh! Aaaah!
(The arms fall down the waterfall, and scatter throughout the Crystal Temple.)
Steven *whispers* - We got to get Garnet.
Amethyst No! No way! We just freed a bunch of mindless gem chunks, okay?! They're going to crawl who knows where, all over the temple.
Pearl *hyperventilating*
Amethyst And when Garnet finds out, we're dead!
Pearl *calms down slightly* She's not going to find out... We're going to catch them— All of them.
Amethyst You're right. Every single one— Back in a bubble and back in the basement!
Pearl Like nothing ever happened.
Steven And then we tell Garnet?
Pearl and Amethyst No!
Pearl *places a hand on Steven's shoulder* This has to stay a secret. Okay?
Steven Our secret... together? *gasps* If we've got a secret, we've got to do this right, which means we got to come up with a name for our secret-keeping team — Something cool, like... the Secret Team!
Pearl *exchanges glances with Amethyst* Uh...
Steven And a secret team needs membership cards that we can show off to other people! *pulls two coupons out of pocket* Here!
Pearl *reading her card* Fish Stew Pizza?
Amethyst Eh, what's a "VIP(IZZA)"?
Steven Well, if you collect enough of them, you can get a free pizza. But now, they're the official card of... the Secret Team!
Pearl Greeaat, Steven. Come on. We're doing this.
Amethyst *nods* Hm!
Steven Secret Team, move out!
Secret Team starts playing]
[Trans. Int. Crystal Temple]
(Pearl and Amethyst begin to defeat a few arms and take their shards.)
Steven *has an arm on top of him* Unh! Aah! Aaaaaah!
[The words 'Secret Team' are whispered and shown in the background]
[Trans. Int. space-like room with floating rocks]
(Pearl and Amethyst assist each other in taking out two more arms.)
[The words 'Secret Team' are whispered and shown in the background]
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Heart]
(Amethyst pushes a couple of arms down from the veins of the Crystal Heart.)
Steven *struggling to push his off* *grunting* *pushes it off, almost falling* Aah!
Amethyst *chuckles*
(Amethyst and Pearl assist each other in destroying the arms below the veins.)
Amethyst *giggles*
[The words 'Secret Team' are whispered and shown in the background and Secret Team ends]
[Trans. Int. Pearl's Room]
Pearl Okay. (She holds out a hand with shards in it and Amethyst and Steven do the same.)
Amethyst That looks like all of them.
Steven Yeah! Secret Team!
Pearl Hmm. Are you sure we didn't miss any?
Amethyst No way! We totally nailed this.
Steven Yeah!
Pearl *clears throat* If you're sure this is all of them, then we just need to seal it in a Rose Quartz bubble.
Amethyst Steven, this is all you! Think you can handle it? *drops her shards in his hands*
Steven Yeah. I can do it.
Pearl Of course you can! You're part of the Secret Club!
Steven Secret Team.
Pearl Ah, yes. Secret Team. *hands him her shards*
Amethyst Yeah, that thing.
(Steven bubbles the shards.)
[Trans. Int. Burning Room]
(Steven sticks his head in the puddle in Amethyst's room, planning to put the new bubble in the Burning Room. He sees Garnet in the room and gasps and Garnet turns her head slightly.)
[Trans. Int. Amethyst's room]
(Amethyst and Pearl are holding Steven's flailing legs and pull him out of the puddle.)
Steven *gasps* G-Garnet!
Amethyst Did she see you?
Steven I don't think so.
Pearl Then what are you waiting for?
(Amethyst and Pearl put Steven back in the puddle.)
(Steven places the bubble in the room and exits the puddle.)
Pearl Mission accomplished. Congratulations, us.
Amethyst Aww, yes. We're off the hook.
Steven All right! So, what's next?
Amethyst Nothing "next." The mission is over.
Pearl Now everything goes back to normal and we never speak of this again.
Steven But what about... Secret Team?
[Trans. Beach City Boardwalk]
(Steven walks up to Beach Citywalk Fries wearing a fedora that casts a shadow over his face.)
Mr. Fryman Hey, Steven! What'll it be?
Steven Give me... the bits.
Steven *looks sadly at a dollar and a V.I.Pizza coupon* We were the best, Fryman.
Mr. Fryman *places bag of bits on the counter* Who was the best?
Steven *slams fist on counter dramatically* I can't tell you! *sighs* How come the best things in life are things you can't tell other people because you'd get in big trouble?
Mr. Fryman Steven, are you in a gang?
Steven Not these days. But maybe I can be again. *chugs down bits and walks off*
Mr. Fryman That kid keeps getting weirder.
Ronaldo *through a window, waving to Steven, wearing a similar fedora* I like your hat!
[Trans. Int. Pearl's room]
Steven I know you must be wondering why I brought you all here. It's 'cause I'm gettin' the team back together! So, here's the gig. *pulls a picture out of pocket and hands to Pearl* I left my special hat at the Big Donut.
Pearl I've never seen you wear this.
Steven But now it's closed for the day. So the mission is, we break in and get it back. And, bam! The Secret Team is back on top!
Amethyst Steven, Secret Team is over.
Pearl Secret Team? What's that?! *chuckles nervously*
Steven Aw, come on! We had so much fun together! Getting along, sneaking around—
Pearl *grabs Steven by the shoulders* Steven, that was not about fun. *crosses arms* That was about fixing our terrible mistake.
Amethyst Eh, your terrible mistake. You shouldn't have had that bubble in the first place.
Pearl It never would have popped if you hadn't invaded my personal space!
Steven Aw, come on. Team, team!
Amethyst Fine, you can have all the personal space you want, 'cause I never want to be on a team with you again! *rips V.I.Pizza coupon in half and drops it*
Steven *gasps*
Pearl Good! I don't want to be on a team with you, either! *rips V.I.Pizza coupon and drops it*
Amethyst Fine!
Pearl Fine! *grits teeth*
Steven Guys, come on!
Amethyst and Pearl run in separate directions*
[Trans. Int. Fish Stew Pizza]
Door opens, bell jingles]
Garnet *walks in, sits across from Steven* I'm here.
Steven I have something I want to tell you.
(Steven pulls out a V.I.Pizza card and slides it across the table to Garnet.)
Garnet Pizza.
Steven No! I... need to come clean. Pearl and Amethyst popped a bubble. We made a Secret Team to cover it up 'cause they didn't want you to know.
Garnet And now you're trying to do the right thing.
Steven Not really... I just want Secret Team again.
Garnet I see, I know how to handle things with them. We'll have to form our own Secret Team to do it.
Steven *gasps* You mean like... a Super Secret Team?
Garnet Pizza Daughter!
(Kiki walks over.)
Garnet I'll take one "pizza posse" card.
[Trans. Int. Pearl's room]
Pearl *gasps* Garnet! *retracts weapon*
(Garnet drops Amethyst and Steven in front of Pearl.)
Amethyst What's the deal?
Pearl *runs to Steven* Steven!
Steven What's this all about, Garnet?
Garnet I know all about the gem shards!
Pearl Uh... *exchanges glances with Amethyst*
Steven *stands up* It— It was me! I'm the one who popped the bubble! All by myself.
Pearl Steven... *stands up* I can't believe you!
Garnet *sighs* If no one has anything else to say, and everyone else is innocent... Steven, I'm going to have to punish you.
Steven No! Not punishment! *sighs dramatically*
Garnet Come with me, Steven!
(A black hand shoots out of the water and grabs Garnet, pulling her under the water with it.)
Amethyst *gasps*
(The black hand reappears in one of the other fountains with Garnet in its hand still.)
Amethyst Garnet!
(Amethyst and Pearl summon their weapons and charge at the hand.)
(The hand goes back under the water.)
Steven Oh, no! We must have missed a shard!
(The black hand punches Amethyst.)
Amethyst Unh!
* Amethyst tries to run back to the hand but another one comes out of the water and stops her* Unh!
Steven *gasps* Amethyst!
Amethyst *dodging attacks from the hand* Wah! (She summons her weapon, wraps her whip around the middle finger of the hand, and is pulled into the hands grip.) *grunting* Huh?
Pearl Aah!
Steven Pearl!
(The black hand grabs Pearl.)
Pearl Unh!
Steven *gasps*
Amethyst and Pearl *both struggling and grunting*
Pearl Amethyst, shape-shift! Get small or... something!
Amethyst I can't! I'm freaking out! You do it!
Pearl I can't concentra- (The hand releases Pearl, who spins in midair, then the hand clamps down tightly on her again.) Aah! Unh! This is all my fault! I never should have had that bubble!
Amethyst It wouldn't have popped if it wasn't for me!
Steven We should've told Garnet! We should've told her right away! I knew Secret Team was wrong! I just— I wanted to see you guys acting like friends!
(Garnet rises out of the water.)
Steven *gasps* Garnet?
(The black hands release Amethyst and Pearl.)
(Garnet shape-shifts her hands back to normal.)
Pearl What?
Amethyst Huh?
Garnet So, you two can't get along unless you think I'm going to kill you. *crouches down in front of Steven* Steven, I know you wanted to help them. You wanted to protect them, even from me. They made you feel like you had to take their side. But there are no sides, because we're all on the same team — The Crystal Gems! *rips V.I.Pizza coupon and drops it*
Steven *pulls his coupon out and tears it, dropping it* *grunts*
Amethyst and Pearl *open palms revealing the torn in half coupons from earlier* *drop them*
Steven You know what? Between the four of us... we could've had a free pizza.
[Iris out on the ripped V.I.Pizza cards]

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