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Speaker Dialogue
[The video begins with Steven screaming into the camera.]
Steven Hoo! Guys! It's time for a new episode of Crying Breakfast Friends! You guys, I'm so excited it's finally back. I even stayed off the internet all day 'cause I didn't want to get, "spoiled," [Chuckles] Because they're food. I know I used that joke last week, but for real, this is supposed to be a big one. Alright. Play!
(Steven sings the Crying Breakfast Friends! opening theme.)
Steven Tears of sorrow. Tears of joy. There'll be tears till the very end. Food with feelings, Crying Breakfast Friends!
(The first scene of the show is a birthday party with Pear as the birthday fruit. No one came to the party.)
Steven Huh. That looks fun.
(Pear starts to cry.)
Steven Oh, Pear. [Winks]
(Spoon comes onto the scene with Fried Egg and Waffle.)
Spoon What's wrong, Pear?
Steven It's Spoon!
Spoon Why are you crying?
Pear Oh, Spoon. I invited my friends over for a breakfast party. [Hyperventilates] But nobody came! [Cries harder]
Spoon Oh, but, but that's why we're here.
Steven and Pear Huh?
Spoon We came for your party. I'm sorry we were late! Please forgive us! [Begins to tear up]
Pear [Sprays tears] Aaahh, I forgive you! [Continues to cry]
Spoon Yay!
(Everyone begins to cry, including Steven.)
Steven Yes! Conflict resolved! Sweet catharsis! Huh, I didn't think I would be crying this early into the episode.
(Suddenly an ominous entity shadows the breakfast friends.)
Spoon Ah, what!?
Pear Aaaeeeee!
Steven W-w-w-wha? What's that?
(The ominous entity is a refrigerator.)
Steven It's a fridge!? Is it more food? French toast?
(The fridge opens to reveal its contents: Pizza, Sandwich, and Burger.)
Steven Oh my gosh. Is this... is this...
Sandwich Breakfast time is over.
Steven I think I know what this is.
Burger Clear the table!
Pizza Yeah. Get a box to go.
Sandwich There's only room for one meal at a time, and that's us. The "Angry Lunch Enemies."
Steven It's lunch! I knew it! Theory confirmed!
(Pear cries at the situation until-)
Burger Stop crying!
Steven Hey!
Spoon Wait! Maybe there can be two meals at the same time! Wanna try it?
Sandwich [Groans] Okay, but I'm angry about it.
Steven What?
Spoon Fried Egg!
Steven No.
Spoon Avocado! Bacon Strips!
Steven Yes! Please!
(The Crying Breakfast Friends and Angry Lunch Enemies begin to place themselves in between Sandwich, making-)
Steven [Gasps] Brunch! They're brunch! [Gasps more]
(The credits begin to roll.)
Steven Huh? It's over? Wow. I can't wait for the next episode, whenever that is, am I right? [Winks] Okay, friends! See ya next time!
[The end]
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