My aunt and uncle had a great love for aviation and each other. They cherished the years they spent together, and they held on to every belonging they ever owned— kind of like me and my storage shed... I'm starting to think our family has a problem.

—- Greg, "Space Race"

The Barn is a large barn, located up on a hill outside of Beach City. It was first seen in "Space Race" and was the main setting of the show from the episodes "Back to the Barn" to "Hit the Diamond". Currently, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Pumpkin are living in the barn.


The Barn is large and red with a black roof located uphill and across the bay from Beach City. It's filled with a large variety of scrap, also including several airplane engines and parts inherited from Greg's late aunt and uncle. Some other contents are hats, bowling balls, materials, a stuffed dinosaur, paint, and much more. There is a sign at the front of the barn that says UUU space travel. A picture of the couple is hung on the back wall. In both appearances, the shed has provided copious amounts of materials to build highly advanced machines, such as a nearly space worthy rocket and two combat ready robots. As of "The Answer", the shed has been mostly cleaned out due to that large amount of parts the Crystal Gems have used to build machines. In "Beta", it is seen that Lapis and Peridot have remodeled the barn, to an almost exaggerated extent. Since Peridot considers that barn to be her home, her bubbles will be redirected to it once warped.


Greg's uncle and aunt.


"Space Race"

Steven and Greg use the materials stored inside of it to build a spaceship. The barn was also used to house the final version of the spaceship, The Universe Mach 3, mostly built by Pearl.

"Back to the Barn"

The Gems return to the barn to use materials to build a drill in order to defeat the Cluster. Pearl and Peridot build robots using spare parts for a competition to see who would lead building the drill.

"Too Far"

The Gems are continue to build a drill and are shown to have made some progress, but are severely set back by a while trying to adapt an injector drill.

"The Answer"

Garnet tells Steven how she came to be a Crystal Gem inside of the barn.

"Steven's Birthday"

Steven and the Crystal Gems celebrate his birthday at the barn.[1]

"It Could've Been Great"

The Barn is seen once again (at night) as the Crystal Gems and Peridot head to the Moon Base to get the coordinates for the location of the Cluster.

"Message Received"

Steven, distrustful of Peridot, locks her inside a car in the barn. She escapes the car and uses her robot to leave the barn by crashing through one of the walls.

"Log Date 7 15 2"

The Barn is the setting of many of the flashbacks seen in the episode as Peridot is trying to learn more about life on Earth, the other Gems and Steven during the time they spent working on the drill. The hole in the wall caused by Peridot in "Message Received" remains during the present day parts of the episode.

"Super Watermelon Island"

The barn appears in the beginning when Steven wakes up and tell the Gems to go to the island. The Gems use a Warp Pad near the barn to reach the island.

"Gem Drill"

The barn appears in the beginning and the end. It can be seen that the gems have covered the hole in the wall with a tarp. The drill leaves a hole in the ground near the barn.

"Same Old World"

The gems prepare to leave the barn and return to Beach City, packing their things in Greg's van. The tarp that was seen in "Gem Drill" is removed. Peridot decides to live in the Barn indefinitely and promises to repair the hole made by herself. At the end of the episode, Lapis decides to live in the barn as well, but becomes upset when she learns Peridot is also living in the barn.

"Barn Mates"

Steven and Peridot both want Lapis to stay at the barn, so they attempt different good deeds around the barn to win Lapis over and forgive Peridot. In one of their attempts, Peridot and Steven seal the hole they made and filled it with water, making a pool from it. However, a Roaming Eye appears and follows Peridot, resulting in Lapis using her hydrokinesis (with water from the pool) to flick the Eye into the ground. By the end of the episode, Lapis appears to have forgiven Peridot.

"Hit the Diamond"

Five Ruby soldiers climb out of the Roaming Eye and are searching for the leader of the Earth mission. Garnet unfuses and Ruby tells the other Rubies that the leader of the Earth mission is not in the barn, and the Rubies decide to look there, not seeing it before. The Gems disguise themselves as humans and face off against the Rubies in baseball; if the Rubies win they can search the barn but if they lose they have to leave. After the game the Rubies reveal that they are looking for Jasper and Steven tells them that she is on the planet Neptune, and the Rubies head out to Neptune.


Since they began living together, Peridot and Lapis have extensively remodeled the barn, most notably embedding the water tower into the hole in the wall to create an aquarium, and creating a makeshift loft out of the barn. They have also decorated the interior with pieces of art (or "meepmorps", as Lapis calls them) made from objects commemorating memorable events since the two arrived on Earth.

"Kindergarten Kid"

The barn's interior is briefly seen at the end of the episode, after Peridot sent a bubbled corrupted gem there.

"Gem Harvest"

When Steven is outside the barn, he goes to the new farmland behind the barn, to find Lapis Lazuli and Peridot. Later, it is revealed that Greg's cousin Andy has claimed possession of the barn. However, he allows the two Gems to continue living there.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

The Gems take the Roaming Eye to the Barn so Peridot can check to make sure that everything is functioning properly, and that deep space travel inside the ship is safe for Steven's organic body.

"Room for Ruby"

Steven takes Navy to the barn, where he hopes Peridot and Lapis will take her in. The trio uses different features from the barn to show Navy how life is on Earth. Peridot and Lapis also tell Steven and Navy that they began to call the inside of the barn their "Gem Cave". The Roaming Eye is shown to be stationed outside of the barn, wrapped in Christmas lights before it was stolen by Navy.


  • There appears to be an Apollo Lunar Module in the background.
  • Greg noticing the problem of his U-Stor and his aunt and uncle's barn is a reference to the real world psychological condition "hoarding", where people hold onto everything and don't throw anything away. It appears to run in the family, as Steven's room is also messy.
  • The barn appears in each episode of the fourth StevenBomb.
  • The barn is the main area of operation for what the Crewniverse have informally called the "The Barn Arc".[2]
  • A Warp Pad is close by for the Gems to warp away, as first seen in "Super Watermelon Island". 
  • In the episode "Mr. Greg", it is revealed that the barn is riddled with termites.



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