"The Cool Kids" is a group that resides in Beach City, consisting of Buck Dewey, Jenny Pizza, and Sour Cream. These members usually reside in a pack, but they each have their own individual appearances throughout the series. They made their official debut in "Lars and the Cool Kids" (but have made an appearance in the theme song) and have made several other appearances.


Minor Appearances

Major Appearances


  • Each of the Cool Kids resembles each of the Crystal Gems.
    • Sour Cream is tall, skinny, has bright skin, and his eyes, nose, color-scheme, and hairstyle resemble Pearl's.
    • Jenny's eyes and mouth resemble Amethyst's.
    • Buck's sunglasses and mouth resemble Garnet's. He also has a crease on his forehead (corresponding to Garnet's third eye).
  • The Cool Kids' personalities, match certain aspects of each of the Crystal Gems'.
    • Jenny is fun, carefree and counter-dependent, like Amethyst.
    • Buck is stern, level-headed and independent, with more going on inside his head than he shows on the outside, much like Garnet.
    • Sour Cream cares about rules such as seat belt safety, similar to how Pearl cares about road safety to the point of not playing a racing game correctly. At the same time, he's also rebelling against what he's "supposed" to be (a fisherman).
      • Out of all the cool kids, Sour Cream appears to share the least in common with their corresponding Crystal Gem.
  • Sour Cream has the most appearances of all the Cool Kids.