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The Steven Universe Podcast is an Internet podcast hosted by McKenzie Atwood which debuted on July 20, 2017. The format of the show consists of informative interviews conducted by McKenzie with the creative team and cast of Steven Universe, addressing the creative process involved with the show from the guests perspective. The show is produced by Cartoon Network and published for streaming on iTunes.[1] In the NYCC 2017, it was announced that the podcast will return on October 26, 2017 by having a 8-part miniseries, taking a deep dive into fans’ favorite episodes.[2] After the last episode of "Steven Selects" was released it was announced that new special episodes of the podcast start on December 19th, 2017.[3]


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The show is hosted by McKenzie Atwood, a Steven Universe fan originally known for creating Steven Universe compilation and music videos on her YouTube channel, most notably her video "Everyone finds out about Pearl's secret rap career", which featured a cameo by Deedee Magno-Hall, the voice of Pearl. Atwood is currently an intern at Cartoon Network in Atlanta working in quality assurance, and had previously contributed to the mobile game Soundtrack Attack.[4]

Episode Guide

Volume 1

Episode Guest(s) Title Released Running time
1 Rebecca Sugar, Steven Sugar "Rebecca and Steven Sugar - Building A Universe" July 20, 2017 33 minutes
Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and her brother Steven, who inspired the title character and who also serves as a background artist on the series, talk about growing up together playing video games and watching anime. They reveal the origins of some of the Steven Universe imagery, characters, backgrounds, and music, what inspired the creation of the Gems, and fan theories about the show.
2 Zach Callison, Grace Rolek "Zach Callison and Grace Rolek - Coming of Age with Steven Universe" July 27, 2017 30 minutes
Zach Callison, voice of Steven Universe, and Grace Rolek, voice of Steven's best friend Connie, talk about growing up with and growing into their roles. Hear about the story of their auditions, how they found out they landed their respective parts, working with creator Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse, and some of their favorite episode moments and songs. Steven and Connie themselves join in and reveal their favorite video games, pizza, and the super power they wish they had.
3 Jeff Liu, Lamar Abrams, Maya Petersen, Amish Kumar, Hilary Florido, Joe Johnston, Kat Morris "Drawn To Life" August 3, 2017 49 minutes
Storyboard artists Jeff Liu and Lamar Abrams explain the boarding and writing process, and which characters are their favorites to board. Storyboard revisionists Maya Petersen and Amish Kumar share the challenges of revising group scenes, and shots featuring multiple Gems. And Storyboard Supervisor Hilary Florido and Supervising Directors Joe Johnston and Kat Morris take us inside the "Mr. Greg" episode, and offer tips and advice to upcoming young artists and animators.
4 Rebecca Sugar, Deedee Magno-Hall, Michaela Dietz, Shelby Rabara, Jennifer Paz "Voicing The Gems with Rebecca Sugar, Deedee Magno Hall, Michaela Dietz, Shelby Rabara, and Jennifer Paz" August 10, 2017 48 minutes
Shelby Rabara, Jennifer Paz, Deedee Magno Hall, and Michaela Dietz have stories about their respective auditions, working together and with other cast members in the booth, what they love best about their characters and the show, and which other Gems they were originally considered to voice. Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar returns to talk about the origin of the Gems, and what it took to find the perfect voices to play them.
5 Steven Sugar, Liz Artinian, Jane Bak, Mary Nash, Efrain Farias, Danny Hynes, Aleth Romanillos, Angie Wang "All By Design with Steven Sugar, Liz Artinian, Jane Bak, Mary Nash, Efrain Farias, Danny Hynes, Aleth Romanillos, and Angie Wang" August 17, 2017 45 minutes
The Steven Universe designers are responsible for the look, style, and color of the show. So today, we've got Art Director Liz Artinian, Lead Background Designer Steven Sugar, background designers Jane Bak and Mary Nash, colorist Efrain Farias, along with Danny Hynes and Aleth Romanillos, who do the early design work for the episodes, to talk about the real-life places and objects (and classic video games) that inspired the look of everything from Beach City to Homeworld to the characters themselves. We'll hear about their favorite episodes to create, their most challenging design moments, and their proudest design achievements.
6 Rebecca Sugar, Aivi Tran, Jeff Liu, Jeff Ball "Rebecca Sugar and Aivi Tran - The Music of Steven Universe" August 24th, 2017 47 minutes
It's the music of Steven Universe with Rebecca Sugar, composer Aivi Tran, and Jeff Ball! They share some amazing stories about what inspires the music how certain song ideas change and grow through the creative process, what it took to make the "Mr. Greg" episode, and how they approach the composing music for various characters, including the Gems. Plus Rebecca's thoughts on "Mr. Greg's" Emmy nomination, and she also shares some of her ukulele demos exclusively with us!
7 Ian Jones-Quartey, Ben Levin, Matt Burnett "Ian Jones-Quartey, Ben Levin & Matt Burnett - Steven Universe Alumni" August 31, 2017 40 minutes
The Steven Universe crewniverse is filled with amazingly talented people, and more than a few have gone on to create their own shows! Ian Jones-Quartey had a huge impact in bringing Steven Universe to life with creator Rebecca Sugar, and now he's launched his own series, "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!" Ben Levin and Matt Burnett wrote many memorable Steven Universe episodes, and are now gearing up to launch their own show, "Craig Of The Creek." All three share stories and behind-the-scenes tidbits from their days on Steven Universe, and also provide a sneak peek at their own respective series and what's coming up for their characters.
8 Rebecca Sugar, Lauren Hecht, Nick DeMayo, Jackie Buscarino, Lisa Zunich "How It's Made - Rebecca Sugar, Lauren Hecht, Nick DeMayo, Jackie Buscarino, and Lisa Zunich" September 7, 2017 31 minutes
Rebecca Sugar assembled a team of ridiculously talented people to bring Steven Universe to life, and you'll find out how she managed to do that! You'll also discover why diversity in background, culture, and life experiences was crucial to her selection process, how the respective crewniverse members' influences make their way into the show, and what really happens during those crewniverse writer retreats! Plus, if you're wondering why it takes 10 months for a new Steven Universe episode to make its way to you, Producer Jackie Buscarino and Production Manager Lisa Zunich will fill you in. And if it moves on Steven Universe, then Animation Director Nick DeMayo and Animatic Editor Lauren Hecht were involved! They've got favorite moments & episodes to share, and reveal some of the scenes and characters they fought to save from the cutting room floor (remember that crab?!)!
9 Thomas Sanders, Chris Graham, Maya Petersen, Amber Cragg, Mario Piedra "From Fan To Crew - Thomas Sanders, Chris Graham, Maya Petersen, Amber Cragg, and Mario Piedra" September 14, 2017 44 minutes
If you're a Steven Universe fan, and your dream is to someday work on the show, then this episode is for you! Storyboard Revisionist Maya Petersen and Storyboard Artist Amber Cragg share their incredible stories about how fan art and fandom led them to joining the Crewniverse! Cartoon Network Games Creative Director Mario Piedra, and Chris Graham who designed the mobile game, "Attack the Light", and upcoming console game "Save the Light", also turned their love of Steven Universe into jobs! And YouTube star and superfan Thomas Sanders reveals how he discovered the show and started working with the cast.
10 Rebecca Sugar, Steven Sugar "Leading The Way - Rebecca and Steven Sugar" September 21, 2017 33 minutes
It's the season finale of the Steven Universe Podcast, and that means both Rebecca and Steven Sugar return to share the stories from their childhood that directly inspired some of episodes. Rebecca is also answering YOUR questions about the show, the characters, fan theories, video games, and the pineapple pizza debate. Plus, Rebecca brought along her ukulele and debuts a brand new, never-before-heard song from an upcoming episode of Steven Universe.

Miniseries 1 - Steven Selects

Episode Guest(s) Title Released Running time
1 Ben Levin and Matt Burnett "Steven Selects: Jailbreak (ep.1)" October 26, 2017 22 minutes
Steven Universe writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett give an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at this fan favorite, and pivotal episode that revealed Garnet is a fusion! They share what went into the writing to capture the emotion of the moment, what had to be cut at the last minute to make the story work, which came first - the Garnet fusion reveal or the Peridot arc, and what they thought about the fan reaction when the episode finally aired. Plus, storyboard artists Jeff Liu and Joe Johnston answer your questions. And creator Rebecca Sugar makes a surprise appearance to weigh in on "Jailbreak."
2 Ben Levin, Matt Burnett "Steven Selects: Storm In The Room (ep. 2)" November 2, 2017 21 minutes
Writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett have plenty of inside info on the making of "Storm In The Room." Find out which memorable scene was a must-include in the episode, what dialogue was most fun to write, how they balance the funny and the emotional arcs in the story, and why it was so important for Steven to finally meet his mother. Plus, storyboard artists Jeff Liu and Joe Johnston answer more fan questions including how they write for Stevonnie, which jokes they've had to cut from episodes, and the difference between writing comics and writing for animation.
3 Matt Burnett, Ben Levin "Steven Selects: Mirror Gem-Ocean Gem (ep. 3)" November 9, 2017 21 minutes
Steven Universe writers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin talk about the two-parter, "Mirror Gem / Ocean Gem." Discover what changed about the episode from origination to completion, the injury that Greg was supposed to sustain, the Gems big fight scene, the development of Lapis' personality, and the many callbacks to previous episodes that were worked into this two-parter. Plus, Matt and Ben answer fan questions including music that inspires their writing, why the show doesn't feature many pop culture references or puns, and how they view collaborate with storyboard artists in general.
4 Matt Burnett, Ben Levin "Steven Selects: Monster Reunion (ep. 4)" November 16, 2017 18 minutes
"Monster Reunion" is the topic of discussion with Steven Universe writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett! Discover how the episode was originally supposed to start and why that idea was scrapped in favor of "MC Bear Bear," why they decided to bring both Centipeetle and Steven's healing powers back in this episode, and what inspired their clever use of flashback to tell Centipeetle's Gem story. Plus, Storyboard Supervisor Hilary Florido joins to answer fan questions including how she approaches training new storyboard artists, what part of her job she enjoys most, and which artist doodles have (and have not) found their way into episodes.
5 Matt Burnett, Ben Levin "Steven Selects: Last One Out Of Beach City (ep. 5)" November 23, 2017 20 minutes
"Last One Out of Beach City" is all about Pearl's own self-discovery and awareness, and features a great guest shot from musician Mike Krol, a very cool car chase with Pearl behind-the-wheel, and a tip of the hat to everyone's favorite teen movies! That's why Steven Universe writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett return to the pod to not only explain how all of these magical ideas originated, but to also offer insight into how they made them work together! Plus, Ben and Matt field more of your questions as they speak to continuity and building Steven Universe stories from a single sketch or feeling.
6 Matt Burnett, Ben Levin "Steven Selects: Steven's Dream (ep. 6)" November 30, 2017 17 minutes
"Blue Diamond was introduced in "Steven's Dream," and promptly kidnapped Greg! It was a huge storyline that involved big collaboration among the crewniverse! Writers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin remember details from the planning stages, what was changed during the boarding process, and why this episode is home to one of the most meta jokes of the entire series!
7 Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, Hilary Florido "Steven Selects: I Am My Mom (Ep: 7)" December 7, 2017 22 minuntes
"I Am My Mom" is the focus of discussion with Steven Universe writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett. Discover how they worked in the callback to "Marble Madness," what inspired Aquamarine and Topaz, where the hostage scenario idea originated, and who would win in a fight between Lapis and Aquamarine. Plus, Storyboard Supervisor Hilary Florido returns with some college advice, movie tips, and the reason why "Beach City Drift" was the hardest episode she ever boarded.
8 Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey "Steven Selects: Off Colors (ep. 8)" December 14, 2017 30 minuntes
"Off Colors" is the Steven Universe episode that introduced fan-favorite Padparadscha, provided a more detailed look at Homeworld, and focused on Steven and Lars' relationship! And those are just a few of the things that writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett discuss in this episode of the pod! Steven Universe Creator Rebecca Sugar also returns to answer some fan Q&A including a question about Lars' character development and initial ideas! Plus, former Steven Universe Executive Producer, Ian Jones-Quartey, tackles a few questions involving the "Rule Of Cool" and fun facts about Opal!


"Volume 1"

"Miniseries 1 - Steven Selects"

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